Social Media is a critical tool for modern organizations.

Social Media is no longer an option for non-profits and social service agencies - it is an essential part of outreach!
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Grow Your Impact!

This is true whether you are…

  • A social service agency looking for more clicents
  • A non-profit with a message to spread
  • A community orginization with a service to offer
  • Or ANY type of non-proft or organisation that wants to increase their impact
Because your community is online on Social Media every day, you need to appear in their line of sight. If they don’t see you on Social Media too then you could easily lose their mind share, and the impact they could bring to your work.

So, if you can put your message, your services, your knowledge or your brand in front of your ideal community on Social Media on a regular basis…

Then your reach grows!

Want proof?

Here are the percentages of adults in the U.S. that use the main social sites…


86% of adults use Facebook


44% of adults use Twitter


52% of adults use Pinterest


47% of adults use Instagram

Yes, 86% of all adults who spend time on Facebook – most of them multiple times every day.


So, if you can put your message, your services, your knowledge or your brand in front of your ideal clients on Social Media on a regular basis…

Then you will reach more of your community!

86 out of every 100 people in your area spends time scrolling through posts
on social media, day in, day out.

You can reach a large percentage of your community quickly without word of mouth confusing your message or spending money and time distributing as many paper materials.

So, how can you achieve your goals on Social Media?

1. Post on the Social Media websites that your community and potential clients spend time on. These sites will differ depending on your services and who your community is.
2. Post regularly so that your brand is kept at the front of their minds.
3. Post the right mix of content to build brand awareness, showcase your mission and services, and encourage post engagement from new and existing clients.

Done-For-You Social Media Marketing
That Pays For Itself

I can help you to get real results from your social media presence.

There are no long-term contracts or overstated promises with NGO Digital.

Most small organizations fail at this though because…

They don't have the time

Most staff at small non-profits don’t have enough hours in the day and even though they start with the aim to post regularly, this soon stops when they’re pressed for time attention.

They don't post often enough

One post per week, or even less frequently is just not enough to be seen online and get real quantifiable results

They don't post where their community is

As you’ve seen, Facebook is the most popular social network, but lots of your community is on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram as well.

They don't post the right content

Your posts need to be the right mix of promotions, information about your services and posts that encourage engagement that meet all of your social media goals.

Here’s what I will do for you and your organization…


Work with you to develop a social media strategy that will get real results for your organization.


Create unique social media content for you that focuses on getting engagement from your audience as well as clients to your door. All content and images are professionally designed to achieve the best results.


Post the content to your social networks at the perfect times to suit your audience. Your audience will see the content as coming from you at all times.

Report to you on a monthly basis so you can see exactly how the posts are performing.

How To Get Started

Simply choose your preferred option and click the ‘Order Now’ button. Once your payment is set up, I’ll then contact you by email to get the information I need to start creating your Social Media posts for you.

My Outrageous Offer!

I know that my Social Media service can make a BIG difference to an organization but I realise that you don’t know me and don’t know what Social Media could do for you!

So, to let you test my service for yourself, I’m willing to make you this outrageous offer…

A full 3 Months of Social Media for just $99

And that’s not $99 per month – it’s a one-time price $99 for a full 3 months of Social Media posts to your Facebook or Twitter account.

You’ll get 3 posts to your Facebook page or Twitter account every week (just like the Basic plan below).

Then at the end of the 3 months, you can choose to upgrade to one of the monthly packages below, or just stop using my services altogether if you prefer. I’m convinced though, that once you see the results, you’ll want to continue with my services for the long term!

Whichever you decide, you’ll have had a full 3 months of bespoke Social Media posts to Facebook or Twitter for just $99!

Because of the time it takes me to set up each package and because of the outrageously low price, I have to limit this offer to only 3 businesses per month so I may remove this offer box at any time.

You can secure your offer though, by clicking this button…


If you have any questions or would like to discuss these options further, please see the FAQ’s below or contact me.

I look forward to helping you to get more engaged with your community on Social Media.

Looking for something different from the packages above? More or less posts per week, or a different combination of Social Media sites? Just contact me, and I’ll be happy to give you a quote for your specific requirements.

Best regards,

Chris Morawski

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a long term contract?

No! There isn’t. You are welcome to cancel your monthly payment at any time and your service will then continue until the end of that current monthly period. Of course, I’ll be working hard to increase your outreach so that you don’t want to cancel. 

We don't have a Facebook page or Twitter account. Can you still help?

I certainly can. If you are choosing the Standard or Ultimate option, then I would be happily set up a Facebook page or Twitter account for your organization at no extra cost. 

Our organization only works with our local community. Will your service still help us?

Very much so. I will tailor all of your Social Media posts to make sure they are seen by people in your local area.

How many people will we be able to reach?

Unfortunately it is impossible to say exactly how many people you will reach on social media at first. Just as with a newspaper advert, you know your ad will be seen by readers but can’t quantify exactly how many will work with you. The benefit of Social Media though, is that your message will be seen in a new channel online on a daily basis, giving you massive brand exposure and engagement with your community. 

Who will create the Social Media posts that are sent out for me?

If you wish to create any posts yourself that is fine, and you will always retain access to your own accounts to do so. Otherwise I will look at the information you already have (website, Facebook page etc), any information which you provide, as well as a short questionnaire to get the details about your organization, and then create the fist batch of posts for you.

Can I discuss the possibilities and options with you?

Of course!  Just shot me an email or reach out on Social Media and I’ll be happy to chat about the service.

How soon can you start posting for us?

Your Social Media posts can usually begin within 72 hours after receiving your organization information. This of course depends on me having access to information about your organization that will allow me to create your unique and relevant posts.

Can I see the posts before they are posted on Social Media sites?

I am very happy to send all of the posts for your approval before they start to be posted.

Can I start at the Basic plan and upgrade later?

Yes. You are welcome to upgrade your service plan at any time.

How will you create posts that are relevant to our organization?

Once you place your order, I will send you a short questionnaire to get the information that I will need for the first posts. I’ll also ask you for any relevant photos that can be included in the posts. I will also create posts from information on your website, Facebook page, etc, if you have them. I will then use all of the information to create your posts.

Can't we just post more ourselves?

Yes, of course. Most small organizations though, find that they start with good intentions but don’t have the time to keep up the momentum after a few days. In reality, most organizations are too busy doing their work to have time to post to several Social Media sites every week. This service ensures that your posts go out severl times per week, every week!

Can you help us with Social Media fundraising?

I am happy to create posts which can be used as part of a fundraising campaign. However, fundraising is not the focus of our work. My goal is to help organizations use Social Media as an additional communications channel to reach your community. I would like to help you get the word out about all your work, not only your fundraising efforts.

Contact us for more information or to request a custom service quote.

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